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15 Years Expertise in Rare
Earth Magnets & Custom MRI

MRI & NMR Magnets

MRI Electronics

RF Coils

Permanent Magnet Systems

We design, assemble, shim and install MRI magnet systems for a wide rangê of magnet geometries.

MRI Console

We design and produce MRI electronics systems, including a full clinical MRI console. This system is available in standard and customer-specified configurations. NMR frequencies from 1MHz to 500MHz are supported.

Radio-frequency Coils

We design and supply MRI receive arrays from 8 MHz to 400 MHz.

Custom MRI Developments

Working with Partners

Working with our partners across Canada and in Europe we have developed a wide range of custom MRI systems and applications. We specialize in custom MRI design in all aspects of MRI technology: magnets, console, gradient coils, RF coils and software.

Partners include:

Institute for Biodiagnostics, National Research Council of Canada

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow

  • 0.2T imaging systems
  • 1 MHz NMR Water-Oil Analyzer
  • RF Imaging
  • Ring Magnets
  • Planar Gradient Coils
  • 8-Channel Receiver
  • 400 MHz pre-clinical MRI
  • RF switches, phase-shifters
  • PIN diode control systems
  • Site planning and installation
  • PXI systems
  • FPGA programming