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Constructing Permanent Magnets for MRI

MRI-TECH specializes in designing new solutions in MRI magnets and in manufacturing them. MRI-TECH's design office is equipped with three workstations with OPERA, MATHEMATICA, INVENTOR, AUTOCAD and MAGMATH software. The last one the very efficient computer program developed by MRI-TECH's team for modeling permanent magnets of low mass.

We design magnets in following steps:
  • Analytical calculations and 3D magnetic field simulations with MAGMATH and OPERA
  • Tradeoff with manufacturers of Nd-Fe-B magnets - the building blocks of magnet systems on geometry and magnetic properties of these building blocks
  • 3D CAD with INVENTOR
  • Production of necessary technical documentation (INVENTOR, AUTOCAD) to support manufacture

We start assembling every new solution from at least two quality audits in the factory of the selected manufacturer usually in China before we procure the Nd-Fe-B magnets. Following the assembly process a map of the resulting magnetic fields are plotted using a precise magnetic resonance magnetometer. The field is passively corrected if necessary.

3D simulations of 0.35 T MRI magnet